Local Restaurants: A Vital Part of the Community

Restaurant 45 Reviews

Restaurant 45 looks like a restaurant, feels like a restaurant and acts like a restaurant. That means great food and service at reasonable prices.

Manhattan’s having a mozzarella moment, and Bond 45 takes full part in it. The restaurant offers a mixed plate of the cheesy stuff that serves three to four people nicely.

Local restaurants

Local restaurants are an important part of the community, offering jobs to locals and bringing in business for local farms and producers. They also preserve regional food culture and recipes and provide an impactful gathering place for communities where relationships are formed. Because local food doesn’t have to travel as far, it is also better for the environment. Local restaurants can be found in most towns and cities, and are often listed in online directories. They need our support now more than ever, so we can continue to enjoy their services and strengthen the local food ecosystem. Supporting them can be done through ordering takeout, buying gift cards, spreading the word, and participating in special promotions.

Variety of cuisines

The world has a lot of different cuisines to offer. Each nation and location has a distinct cuisine that is usually influenced by the cooking techniques, traditions, and cultures of the people in that area. The result is delicious meals that are uniquely their own. If you are a food lover, you’ll want to try some of these dishes.

Located in the Southwest suburban Boston town of Medway, Restaurant 45 looks like a restaurant and feels like one, too. From the parking lot to the dining room, it has that special something that draws people in. This restaurant is owned and operated by locals, and it shows in the food.

Bond 45, in the theater district, offers a massive menu that includes everything from eggplant Parmigiana to grilled octopus and squid. Its ode to mozzarella, the antipasto bar, is a joy, and its roasted suckling pig and xiaolongbao are crowd-pleasing delicacies. Despite its size, it still has an ebullient charm that many bigger, more self-conscious restaurants lack.


Restaurant 45 in the small, southwest suburban Boston town of Medway, MA is one of those restaurants that looks like a restaurant, smells like a restaurant and just plain tastes great. It’s a place where the locals line up for lunch and dinner every day. They’re not there to show off or prove anything; they simply want great food and service at reasonable prices. The menu is huge compared to most similar restaurants; there’s something for everyone, including those who have more specific dietary restrictions. The waiters are always friendly and helpful, too. The food is fresh and tasty. It’s the kind of restaurant that restaurant elitists would love to hate.

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